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From Vine To Bottle

The Flores and Zepeda family grape growing tradition began over 3 decades ago with Salvador Zepeda, Fidencio's great-grandfather. Salvador was the first to cultivate grapes for the Firestone family in 1974. His son, Armando Zepeda, planted the first vines in Buttonwood Vineyards in 1983. Ever since, Armando has been Grape Master. Through hard work and esfuerzo, the Flores and Zepeda family has mastered the craft of winemaking and become essential to Solvang wine country.

Fidencio Flores

Fidencio is a New Age vintner with an Old World understanding thanks to the prestigious mentors he studied with over the years. Having been nurtured in the Santa Ynez Valley, he has a desire to merge the Old with the New, believing that an innovative combination allows for the best wines. Fidencio grew up with the vines and often calls himself a child of the dirt. Both a farmer and winemaker, he is involved with his grapes from the vine to the bottle. Fidencio not only grows grapes for Esfuerzo Wine, but also manages a number of award-winning vineyards across Santa Ynez Valley, Sta. Rita Hills AVA, and San Luis Obispo County.



Lupe has been the cellar master at Buttonwood Winery for 23 years. With a strong background in farming, Lupe’s mastery of winemaking comes from his deep understanding of the grape. He believes in sharing the craft, and has taught both family and friends the ins and outs of the process. For Lupe, part of making a delectable wine is sharing his wisdom and experiences with his community. It is Lupe’s acute palette that determines the extraordinary quality of each barrel at the Esfuerzo Wine.



Armando is the Grape Master. He started farming at the young age of 8 in Mexico. 

In1983, he started farming grapes, and has been looking after those same vines ever since. Year after year, Armando observes what works for the vines from temperature to the leafing process. With his experience and devotion to the vines, it is Armando’s touch and 34 years of experience that ensures the wonderful quality of fruit in the vineyards each and every season.

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